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Letters to Evan

These are a just a few of the letters sent to me by girls from all over the world!

This book is amazing. Evan Cooper knows exactly what every girl is worrying and wondering about and has made yoga work for us! I’ve tried yoga before and it was okay, but this yoga is the best by far. Reading this book can change your life.
-Stephanie, Age 18

Hi, My name is Zoë. I’m 12 years old. I first found your book in my local Library and read it in about 2 days. I re-read it instantly after that. In a way, I felt like UM, LIKE…OM changed my life. When I read it I feel more calm instantly. I was super delighted when my parents bought it for me during Hanukah… …thank you for writing your wonderful book that¹s totally inspired me to be a healthier, happier person. You taught me a totally better way to handle my feelings then heading strait for the chocolate. So thanks.
-Zoë B-C, Age 12

Ahhhh! I love yoga I love yoga I love it! I’m so glad I bought your book. Before that I was struggling with so many things, I was tired and depressed for no reason all of the time, and I would get angry for no reason at all and go on temper tantrums like I was 3 years old. But I bought your book, just because it looked like something that would be fun to do, and would be a good excercise routine to do over the summer. But once I started doing yoga, I couldn’t stop! It mad me feel…happy. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to be truly happy and carefree. I’ve been doing yoga out of your book UM, LIKE…OM since about June, and ever since then, I haven’t had another temper tantrum, been depressed, and I’ve had so much more energy. It gave me so much confidence, too. I was always the girl who was obsessed with looking in the mirror, just to put myself down and tell myself I was ugly. But then, I started thinking, hey, I’m not so bad looking, I’m actually kind of pretty! And once I started noticing, so did everyone else. I love how your book covers everything a girl goes through. Especially eating. Before I did yoga, I was sooo scared of eating in front of people, I had this crazy idea that they’d think I was fat, so everyday at lunch in school, I would sit there, and pretend to study for some test, or just nibble on something. On top of that, I wasn’t eating any breakfast either. I knew I was on a path to becoming something I didn’t want to be, a girl with an eating disorder. And your book helped me with that. And it’s not only the yoga part of your book I love, it’s the parts that you’ve written that I love as well. I started reading it, and I was like “Whoa! Is this lady a mind reader?!” I love your book, it’s helped me so much. Some of my friends are going through the same tough times as I did, and I’m totally gonna buy them your book, because I know it will help. Thanks for writing your awesome book!
-Sara, Age 14

Dear Evan, About your book: Loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it. Oh My God. UM, LIKE…OM was so awesome. I mean, when I saw it I was like, “ugh, another self help, you are beautiful, don’t let anybody tell you different book. Fabulous…NOT.” But my loyalty to the site (and the fact I was babysitting for my year old nephew that was sleeping) won over, and I read it. And I LOVED it. I have been doing yoga for YEARS, but I have never seen yoga in this light. I mean, my yoga teachers teach the PHYSICAL aspect of yoga, not the emotional, spiritual aspects, and that is totally what like, me and all my friends need. Seriously, if you need a pick me up, READ THIS BOOK and DO THE EXERCISES. It really rocks.
-Angela, Age 15